Thursday, 24 January 2013

OT and Fundraising update.

Dear Diary,
This morning I went to see my OT, Sally. She wanted to make amends to the finger splints as I felt they weren't secure enough whenever I wore them. I knew it wouldn't be an easy task with having such skinny fingers but it was challenge which Sally appreciated. Today she had a student with her and as always, I was happy to have her joining us during my appointment as hopefully it may entice her to research EDS. 
Well after looking through her cupboards etc, we decided to try some different strapping so now I have three types to try at home. There's the original thin Velcro strap, thick foam strap that sticks to Velcro and some black thinner but stretchy strapping. The foam and the black ones definitely felt the most comfortable and supportive. 
I said how the little finger still didn't feel quite right as it doesn't straighten very well so Sally made some full finger splints too and for all four fingers. 
I'm going to see how these go and work out which ones work best for what etc. I will be going back for a review to see how I'm doing with them. 
I still cannot believe I have slept from around 12:30pm til about 5:30pm, for once I didn't feel too tired but I was up earlier today with having the appointment. 
A little update on my fundraising event, I'm starting to gain a few volunteers to help out. I am meeting up with a lady I met on a Social Media Workshop who works with the community and has professional experience and share some advice. Things are looking good, I still need to visit a venue for the venue. I will be looking for volunteers who are crafty and would like to run a stall and one for a cake stall. There may one craft stall or there could be a few but I will let you know more soon. 
Keep smiling and be with you soon xxx

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