Monday, 21 January 2013

Fundraising update and swollen ankle/leg.

Dear Diary,
Today has been a mixture of good and bad for me. After not sleeping very well, and laying across the bed so I could have my knee on the edge dangling my foot down. Then to suddenly getting woken up to loud knocking on the door, I kinda sprung out of bed half asleep, ending up nearly going flying across my room as I went to put my foot down on the floor and got to the door only to find whoever it was had quickly disappeared. Then the light headedness appeared and I was in great pain with my knee and foot. 
When I was getting ready, I checked my foot as I was sure it wasn't right, and it was swollen around the ankle. I struggled to put my boot on it, I know these boots fit perfectly usually but I perservered by continuing to wear it. I would have only struggled with my other footwear and these ones are ankle boots which were furry inside and easiest to put on. 
When I was out with my support worker, she managed to take my mind off it a little as we were discussing about the fundraising topic. There will be a FUNDRAISING EVENT coming soon so keep an eye out for it! We came up with lots of ideas and maintained to realistic with what we decided. I will keep you updated on our progress with it. I'm determined to make it a success. 
Tonight, I just relaxed on the sofa and tried to rest my foot up but struggled cause of my knee. My dad gave my foot a little massage just to try and ease the swelling, it helped a bit. This has made me more ambitious to succeed at the fundraising for the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome charity. 
My shoulder pain is starting to flare up a bit now so I'm going to say farewell for today and hopefully I'll feel more comfortable in bed tonight. Keep smiling and take care in this snowy weather. Xxx

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