Thursday, 7 February 2013

New update!

Dear Diary,
Over the past few days, I have been working on spreading awareness of EDS. First, I have just been sharing links to my friends and family. Hopefully I can reach a further audience to spread the word even more. 
So now, I have this diary blog, my Facebook group and now my new Facebook page. With having a page, it means that my posts can be posted straight to peeps Facebook feed walls meaning it is more open. I also use Twitter still which I love. 
The page will keep all of my fundraising projects progress as it happens. If you have EDS, or any thing similar or know someone who will be interested, tell them to click 'like' and also share. The more people know about EDS, the better. 
To those of you have done your part so far, then a huge thank you from me! 
I have been rather tired today, in fact I have slept a lot so haven't managed to do much at all. My knee has been particularly sore again so have had to rest it. I have to go to the hospital twice the week after for Hydro and a follow up appointment with Sally about my finger splints. Woo that means I get to have dinner at the hospital restaurant on the Friday before Hydro :D I love it! 
You may also have noticed that I have been posting more in my group, as I am wanting to feel closer to my followers and treat it like a proper diary for any random thoughts or questions etc. I hope you don't mind and can keep up with all of my different places, just like technology, we have to somehow try to keep up, ha ha! Don't worry, I won't go too fast ahead. You all know that I prefer to do things at my own pace and I'm sure you do too.
Keep smiling! xxx

Ps. There's me on here, 
there's me on 'Little Miss DinkyKt's Video Diary - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome' on Facebook,
 on Twitter I'm @DinkyKt 
and now on 'Dinkykt's EDS Diaries' on Facebook. 


  1. Can you provide a link to the "Little Miss DinkKTs Video Diary" please?